E-Mail Security Tester​

E-mail has become a common way to communicate. But unfortunately there are traps hidden in a lot of mails…

Do you recognize yourself in these questions:

  • Can an e-mail start ransomware?
  • Is my computer well protected against e-mails containing a virus?
  • How can an e-mail trigger a virus on my computer?
  • Would an employee of my company fall into a phishing e-mail?

The e-mail test

BSM has developed a handy and fun e-mail test especially for this purpose. You can choose from the following options:

  1. We send your employees a phishing mail specifically for obtaining passwords
  2. We send your employees a phishing mail with a ‘dangerous’ link
  3. We send your employees a test virus in an email
  4. We send your employees a macro virus
  5. We send a tracking image to an employee

What do you get out of this?

Our experience is that ransomeware, in all the cases we have seen at our customers, came in or started via e-mail. Sometimes by inserting an annoying link or sometimes via an attachment.

With our e-mail tester you can test what kind of possibilities hackers would have with you if they send an e-mail, of course without any damage. You will then know if all workstations where mail is read are actually secured and if your employees would use their mail wisely or fall into the trap of a hacker. 

How does our e-mail test suite work?

You send an e-mail to info@bsm.nl with the number of e-mail addresses you want tested. Use this special promotion code: 6E***”Invalid diretory path”. Dit is een error in onze server. Zoudt u dit ons willen laten weten via bijvoorbeeld het contactformulier? Bij voorbaat dank, groetjes van de programmeur.*** (only for new customers) and use the e-mail address you want tested to send the request. Mention in the mail which of the above tests you want to perform.

If the discount code is valid we will do a free test for 1 of the 4 tests on 1 mail address, so you can see how the test works and if it is useful for you or your organization.

After approval on the quotation provided by us, we will start the tests after receipt of the payment.

Would you like to become a reseller of this product? That is also possible. Please contact BSM to request a reseller code and explain how it works.