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Asset search / Recovery investigation

Asset search / Recovery investigation

Have you got a financial claim against a person and are you contemplating taking legal steps to recover your claim? The key to successful recovery, pre-judgement or post-judgement, is to make sure you have solid, reliable information on your subjects.

On behalf of our clients we do company asset or personal asset searches and advise them on recovery solutions. We assist in preparing evidence in a format suitable for court, often in partnership with solicitors preparing your case.

Asset search / Recovery investigation is useful in situations of:

  • extreme urgency on suspicion of channeling existing assets
  • when large amounts of monies are owed
  • in complex international situations with persons or property located abroad
  • on suspicion that goods are deliberately ‘hidden’

Often customers approach us after being informed by their bailiffs that there are no assets eligible for seizure. However, as a licensed detective agency our investigations go far deeper. Combined with access to many worldwide databases we have in those circumstances still managed to trace assets such as boats, businesses or real estate.

The cost of asset search / recovery investigation fully depends on the complexity of the investigation and the available information. We always perform a preliminary investigation free of charge, based on information provided. Following the preliminary research we give our customer an estimate of the rate of success and a price quotation. Our hourly rate is 120 euro. At all time you can be sure the costs of the investigation will be far less than you would pay for ligitation if it turns out afterwards that there are no assets to recover the claim on!

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