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BSM Better Security Management

Global digitization has many advantages, but also creates a whole new set of risks; data leakes, cybercrime and viruses to name just a few. BSM identifies security risks and IT responses for your company, enabling you to safely use all means of communication technology. We can also trace what went wrong, when it went wrong, how it happened and above all: who can be held responsible! Ultimately, cybercrime is committed by persons and it is our mission to identify the person(s) responsible for cybercrime so you can recover damages and/or report the crime.

BSM was founded in 2004 by Arnoud Bruinsma as a consultaning agency, specializing in ICT security. Along with a few information security experts, he developed the ICCM® audit a practical method to assess a company’s security status. This method has since been applied to many companies. In 2007 the quality mark ‘data safe’ was successfully launched. This mark is issued to companies that have successfully raised their security following the initial audit, bringing information security to an acceptable level. In the same year BSM was licensed by the Dutch Ministry of Justice under POB number 1104, making it possible to conduct private investigations.
By expanding our service portfolio towards investigations we have created a unique and effective combination. With knowledge and experience with information security issues we are able to quickly and efficiently find and capture digital evidence of cybercrime. Secondly, by knowing how cybercriminals operate we can advise our customers on the most effective way to counter cybercrime.

BSM Better Security Management is not an ICT supplier.

BSM is an independent consulting and investigation firm. We do not sell products and we are not associated to a specific supplier or manufacturer.

Product delivery

Many of our research and projects are completed with a report. To complete an investigation, our reports are often used as legal evidence in a court case or used to strengthen a dismissal procedure. Reports containing our findings during a security audit are used as a blueprint to implement or improve security measures.

Tailor made software tools

For many of our activities we have developed our own software and databases. Our security database contains most security products with advantages and disadvantages. We have also developed a unique search software tool that directly interfaces with many international databases and websites, enabling us to find the facts you are looking for quickly, effectively and efficiently.

The customer comes first

All of our activities can be fully customized. Delivering quality service is of paramount importance to us. All investigations are unique and each audit differs from the next. Every customer is in a different stage of the security risk maturity model (ad-hoc policy within new companies and small businesses to completely policy-driven models for mature companies). All of our activities can be customized tot the current environment.