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Sick leave abuse

Sick leave abuse

Do you suspect an employee is abusing sick leave? Or have you heard rumors that the supposedly ill employee might be doing ancillary activities during the alleged illness? Please contact us to find the facts you are looking for!

BSM has years of experience in fighting abuse in sick leave. We investigate if your suspicion is correct and gather the relevant facts to limit further damage. Sick leave abuse is often grounds for dismissal. As a detective agency, licensed by the Ministry of Justice, our findings are valid evidence in legal procedures and our reports have been decisive in dismissal procedures. The burden of proof generally ensures that you are released from paying out the employee in question, so this type of research can save you money right away. And of course you give a clear signal to your organisation that you do not tolerate abusing sick leave!

Through observations, we map the activities of the employee and view this in light of the organisation’s absenteeism policy as well as findings made by the Occupational Health doctor. By adopting a confrontational interview with the employee the conclusion of unauthorised absenteeism may follow, after which we can advise you about the next steps.

All of our investigations we conduct discreetly, effectively and with care for all stakeholders.

The costs of an investigation into alleged sick leave abuse is entirely dependent on the complexity of the investigation and the information available. We always perform a preliminary investigation free of charge. From the preliminary research we give an estimate of the rate of success and a price quotation.

Calling in sick during holidays Employees often call in sick during a holiday abroad. A common misconception is that there will be no checks abroad because the destination is too far. However, BSM does investigate into sick leave abuse beyond the borders. It goes beyond saying that we would love to personally do these checks in all beautiful holiday destinations, but that would be too costly. By contacting foreign clinics, hospitals and other sources and taking statements of hotel staff, witnesses and medics for instance, we find the facts you’re looking for, at home and abroad!

Do you suspect sick leave abuse within your company? Please contact us to investigate the matter.