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Screening and Background Investigation

Screening and Background Investigation

With our screening and background investigation checks you will be able to make well considered choices in hiring staff. It gives you confidence in recruiting new employees and may be useful for many functions. Depending on the job profile and role of the (potential) employee we will advise you on the type of screening. It is important to note that permission is compulsory from the potential employee for the screening.

We also conduct screenings to investigate new customers, suppliers or business relations, using both national and international resources available to us.

Unique in our screenings is our expertise in digital investigations. The Internet offers many new possibilities for data authentication. Our knowledge of the Internet combined with unique search applications and software allows us to create a complete personal file quicker and cheaper.

During screening, we are investigating:

– The personal situation (house, family composition, etc.)
– The criminal history of individuals, to the extent possible
– Details of Curriculum Vitae
– The validity of official documents
– Financial position
– Other relevant information

BSM can also assists in applying for the Certificate of Good Behavior and screenings for core positions. We have no access to judicial records in criminal cases, but through research we can often still identify the criminal history of someone.

Please contact us for more information about screening and background investigations.